quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2007

Beach Volley World Championships (day 3)

This morning, I had the opportunity to watch 2 matches, in Eurosport, from women's competition: The victory was for China and for Germany, but their opponents from Norway and Switzerland gave a good fight. I appreciated the young player from Switzerland: Graessli. She has great potential. Unfortunately, Switzerland pair was eliminated. The other teams continue for round of 32. In other results, the surprise is the elimination of Boss and Ross (they won the Grand Slam of Stavanger 2007), may be because they were in a strong pool.
In men's competition, Maia and Brenha were in 3rd place in their pool. They lost this morning against Brazilians Fábio and Márcio, by 1-2 (21-19, 10-21, 8-15). The set conquered in this match is important to Maia and Brenha be in the 8 better 3rd places of the competition. We will see after the end of the other pools.
Pedrosa and Rosas are out of the World Championships 2007. Unfortunately, because of an injury, Pedrosa and Rosas concede the victory to Cubans Alvarez and Munder.
New: Maia and Brenha go to round of 32, but the draw was not favorable. They will play tomorrow, friday, 15h (CET), against the strong USA team Rogers and Dalhausser. Their chances of winning against USA are very low...

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