quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2007

Beach Volley World Championships (day 2)

The 2nd day of this competition is a bad day for the portuguese teams. Pedrosa e Rosas lost against Brasil - Harley and Pedro –, by 0-2 (14-21, 15-21), and latter Maia and Brenha lost against New Zealand – Lochhead and Pitman, by 0-2 (16-21, 18-21). After a bright start, unexpectedly, Maia and Brenha lost for a pair badly ranked, but very skillfull (Lochhead is 1,78 m tall). In 2006, in Espinho, I saw what they play when they beat Maia and Brenha. Now, Maia and Brenha need the maximum of points (the defeat is the probable result) against Fábio and Márcio; Pedrosa and Rosas need a vitory against Cuba.
Unfortunately, there is a forfeit of one USA team, Ring and Wong. In women's competition, the results are not surprisingly. However, my surprise goes to the calendar of this competition with 3 rounds on Friday, which is too much.

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