segunda-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2009

Miguel Maia

Miguel Maia é notícia no sítio da FIVB:
Winner of two SWATCH FIVB World Tour events with Brenha in 1998 and 1999 in Belgium and Russia, respectively, Maia is looking forward to playing with the 29-year-old Rosas.
“Pedro has the right spirit to be in the world of Beach Volleyball,” said Maia, who competed in a record 134 SWATCH FIVB World Tour events with Brenha. "He is a person who likes training and has all needed skills to be my partner.”
Maia said his partnership with Brenha “was something special. We never had discussions or personal problems. We never traveled alone, we always dined together. There is no other partnership that lasted 15 years together in the world of Beach Volleyball. We were one of a kind.”
Maia still has an “eye” on the London 2012 Olympic Games. “That’s a beautiful question, but at same time treacherous,” said Maia about London. “I would like to be there, but now isn’t the right moment to think about it. First, we have to think in training, because we will have a lot of competitions to play. I just want to stabilize the partnership and make Pedro feel comfortable with our team. Our biggest and major goal is try to find quickly the pleasure in playing Beach Volleyball. With the experience I have, I believe and hope we will be a happy team inside and outside of the court.”

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